Welcome to the Biblical Counseling Database.

This site provides scriptural resources on common issues faced in counseling.  It presents God’s Word as the ultimate resource for how and what to counsel.

The introduction and opening chapters of the guide provide a biblical approach to counseling.  The database provides scriptural guidelines for common topics of concern in counseling.  The contents are organized alphabetically and each listing includes a definition of the topic, basic facts concerning it, guidelines for dealing with it, and what the Bible says about the subject.  The Appendices provide practical guidelines for establishing a counseling ministry, selecting a biblical counselor, and additional scriptural resources.   The material contained in this database is based solely on the Holy Bible, the Word of God.  All scriptures are from the NIV version of the Bible unless otherwise noted.

This database is designed for those seeking biblical counsel for their lives: professional Christian counselors; ministers; chaplains; and believers desiring to counsel and help others.  The database can also be used by new believers as a primer to familiarize themselves with biblical guidelines for living in the Kingdom of God.

Use this database to guide the discussion of relevant issues during counseling.   At the conclusion of the session, the data for the topic(s) covered can be given to the counselee – either in the form of a hard-copy print-out or through a follow-up e-mail.  The  counselor may also add action steps that the counselee has agreed to take, and notes on additional scriptures or subjects discussed.

 You may bookmark this site and view and use the topics online.  If you want to add scriptures or topics to the database, you can download the database to your own computer and do so.  To download and save the entire database of all topics, click here: Download the Biblical Counseling Database.  You may choose the zip file for the entire collection, or as many WORD pages as you wish. 

Our Prayer is that this Free database will be a blessing to you personally and empower you to minister the life-changing Word of God to those in need of Spiritual Counsel.

This site does not allow posting of comments, but you may post your comments on our Biblical Counseling Database Facebook Page.


Click here to access the Topical Index of the database.



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