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FAILURE   DEFINITION:  Failure is a lack of success in achieving something.  It is falling short of what is required or expected, failing God, others, or one’s self. FACTS ABOUT FAILURE: Failure to live up to the mandates of God’s […]


EVIL   DEFINITION:  The dictionary defines evil as being morally bad.  For believers, it is any act or thought that violates the Word of God.  Other words for evil used in the Bible include iniquity, transgression, and sin. FACTS ABOUT […]

Envy and Jealousy

ENVY AND JEALOUSY DEFINITION:  Envy is a synonym for jealousy and covetousness excited by the success of others.  It is resentment of the spiritual, financial, or material blessings of others.  It is lustful desire and longing for something that someone […]


ENEMIES   DEFINITION:  An enemy is one towards whom you are antagonistic, hostile, and unforgiving.  It is someone that you also may be seeking to injure or threaten.  You may also try to  ruin the reputation of an enemy through […]


EMOTIONS   DEFINITION:  Emotions are defined as strong feelings about something or someone. FACTS ABOUT EMOTIONS: God created emotions.  God created you in His image and He is an emotional being, expressing emotions such as love, righteous anger, mercy, compassion, […]

Eating Disorders

EATING DISORDERS   DEFINITION OF EATING DISORDERS:  An eating disorder is an abnormal eating habit associated with deranged thoughts and negative feelings.  Eating may be increased or decreased by binging or refusing to eat. FACTS ABOUT EATING DISORDERS: There are […]


DOUBT   DEFINITION:  Doubt is a lack of assurance that causes one to question their salvation as well as other spiritual works God has done in their lives.  It is a feeling of uncertainty and mistrust. FACTS ABOUT DOUBT: Doubt […]

Divorce and Remarriage

DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE   DEFINITIONS:  Divorce occurs when a couple decides they no longer want to fulfill their commitment to their marriage.  Remarriage is marrying again after a previous marriage ended in either death or divorce. FACTS ABOUT DIVORCE AND […]


DISSATISFACTION (Unhappiness)   DEFINITION:  Dissatisfaction is a feeling of discontent and displeasure with circumstances in life or other people.  It is a feeling of unhappiness. FACTS ABOUT DISSATISFACTION: The enemy causes dissatisfaction. The Bible says in John 10:10 that it […]


DISOBEDIENCE   DEFINITION:  Disobedience is refusing to follow instructions and to comply with rules or regulations.  Biblically, disobedience is refusing to obey God, the commands in His Word, and leaders who have God-given authority over you. FACTS ABOUT DISOBEDIENCE: Disobedience […]