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God’s Will

GOD’S WILL (Guidance And Decision-Making)   DEFINITION:   In Greek there are two terms used for the word “will” in reference to the will of God.  One word is “boulema,” which refers to God’s sovereign will. This is His predetermined plan […]

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT   DEFINITION:  The word “spiritual” means “characterized or controlled by the Holy Spirit.”  A “gift” is something freely given from one person to another.  A spiritual gift is a supernatural ability given by the Holy […]

Generational Curses

GENERATIONAL CURSES   DEFINITION:  Generational curses are spiritual bondages or predispositions for sinful behaviors that are passed down from one generation to another. FACTS ABOUT GENERATIONAL CURSES: Natural heredity is a term used to describe how living organisms reproduce after […]

Fruit of the Spirit

FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT   DEFINITION:  The fruit of the Holy Spirit refers to the nature of the Spirit revealed in the life of the believer, spiritual qualities which should be evident in the lives of all Christians. FACTS ABOUT […]


FRIENDSHIP DEFINITION:  Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.  It is a strong bond that exceeds a mere association with someone. FACTS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP: The two greatest commands in the Bible, upon which all others […]

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION   DEFINITION: Forgiveness is the act of pardoning someone for an offense.  Reconciliation is the ending of conflict between two or more people and the renewing of relationship.  Included in the biblical concept of forgiveness is receiving […]


FINANCES   DEFINITION:  Finances involve the gaining, exchange, and management of money.  A barter trading system is also a type of finance.  Financing is the act of managing available resources like money, assets, and investments. Problems with finances may include […]


FEAR   DEFINITION:  Fear is a sense of alarm or apprehension of danger.  For a believer, fear is an expression of unbelief in God or a lack of understanding of His ways. FACTS ABOUT FEAR: All fear is not bad.  […]


FASTING   DEFINITION:  Fasting is the willing abstinence from or the reduction of food, drink, or both for a period of time. FACTS ABOUT FASTING: The purpose of fasting.  Fasting does not change God. It changes you. God relates to […]


FAITH   DEFINITION:  Faith is belief or trust in someone or something without overt proof.  Biblically, faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).  The basic tenets of our […]