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LONELINESS   DEFINITION:  Loneliness is  a sense of separation from people, often accompanied by isolation, depression, and feelings of rejection and self-pity.  It is a lack of meaningful relationships with others. FACTS ABOUT LONELINESS: Loneliness is not the same as […]


LAZINESS   DEFINITION:  A lazy person is one who is resistant to or refuses to work and is disposed to idleness and worthless pursuits.  The Bible refers to a lazy person as a “sluggard.” FACTS ABOUT LAZINESS: Work was instituted […]


JUSTICE   DEFINITION:  Justice is fairness in protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs. FACTS ABOUT JUSTICE: Most legal systems aim to uphold the ideal of justice through proper administration of the laws of their land.  It is possible, […]


JUDGING   DEFINITION:  Being judgmental or judging is to make and express assumptions about the moral and personal conduct of others. FACTS ABOUT JUDGING: God is the judge.  God is the judge of us all  (Romans 14:12-13).  When you take […]


INTEGRITY   DEFINITION:  Integrity refers to the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.  Biblically, it refers to adhering to the standards set forth in God’s Word. FACTS ABOUT INTEGRITY: Your integrity affects your […]


INSOMNIA   DEFINITION: Insomnia is difficulty in sleeping, an inability to fall asleep or remain asleep long enough to feel properly rested. FACTS ABOUT INSOMNIA: There are varied causes for insomnia.  Some common causes are illness, pain, certain medications, grief, […]


INFERIORITY   DEFINITION:  Inferiority is a belief that you are not as good as or of less value than other people.  You feel that you continuously fail to meet standards of quality, ability, or achievement.  Inferiority is a lack of […]


INCEST   DEFINITION:  Incest is sexual relations between close relatives.. FACTS ABOUT INCEST: Incest is against the law in many nations.  It is punishable by imprisonment and,  in some societies, by death. Incest is sin.  Whether or not incest is […]


IMPATIENCE   DEFINITION:  Impatience is defined as annoyance with aggravating circumstances or people.  Patience, the opposite of impatience, is the ability to cheerfully bear an unbearable situation or person. FACTS ABOUT IMPATIENCE: Patience, the opposite of impatience,  is referred to […]


IDOLATRY DEFINITION:  Idolatry is the worship of idols and false gods.  Idolatry includes putting anything before the one true and living God who is revealed in the Holy Bible.  This also includes excessive adoration of a person, obsession with an […]