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PROFANITY   DEFINITION:  Profanity is language or behavior that shows disrespect for God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit including misuse of their names.  It is vulgar and irreverent language or behavior, including jokes or innuendos that mock that which is […]


PRIDE   DEFINITION:   Pride is a feeling of haughty superiority demonstrated by someone who thinks they are better than others.  It is an inflated sense of one’s self-worth, skills, intelligence, accomplishments, or position.  Conceit, vanity, arrogance, boasting, egotism, and haughtiness […]


PREJUDICE   DEFINITION:  Prejudice is an unfavorable opinion formed on the basis of  insufficient knowledge, inaccurate stereotypes, or irrational feelings.  It is an unfounded hatred, fear, or mistrust of a person or group based on race, nationality, religious, or social […]


PRAYER DEFINITION:  Prayer is talking to God and with God, whether it be spoken or silent conversation.  Prayer is a direct line to Heaven, allowing you to communicate with God.  It includes praise and worship, petition, confession, repentance, and intercession. […]


PORNOGRAPHY   DEFINITION:  Pornography is sexually explicit material including films, magazines, books, photographs, images, and Internet sites that are intended to cause sexual arousal. FACTS ABOUT PORNOGRAPHY: Pornography is sin.  Jesus said if you even look and lust after a […]


POLYGAMY   DEFINITION:  Polygamy is having multiple spouses at the same time.  While this is forbidden by law in many nations, it is still practiced in some cultures. FACTS ABOUT POLYGAMY: God’s plan is one man, one woman for life.  […]


PERSECUTION   DEFINITION:  Persecution is the act of subjecting someone to cruel and unfair treatment because of their ethnic origin, political views, or religious beliefs.  The biblical definition includes harassing, punishing, oppressing, or even killing those who serve God and […]


PERFECTIONISM   DEFINITION:  Perfectionism is the rigorous rejection of anything that is less than perfect, a driving demand to be absolutely flawless in every area. FACTS ABOUT PERFECTIONISM: We live in an imperfect world.  We are created in God’s image, […]

Peer Pressure

PEER PRESSURE   DEFINITION:   Peer pressure is the influence that a group or an individual exerts over someone that encourages them to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to group norms. FACTS ABOUT PEER PRESSURE: There are both […]


PEACE   DEFINITION:  Peace is a condition of quiet, calm, tranquility, and harmony.  It is the absence of strife, anxiety, and concern.  Peace is not just passivity, because maintaining peace requires directed  action on the part of a peacemaker.  In […]