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SIN   DEFINITION:  Biblically, sin is any transgression of the law of God (1 John 3:4). FACTS ABOUT SIN: The first sin was committed by Lucifer, now known as Satan.  Read about it in Isaiah 14:12-15. Sin entered the world […]


SHAME   DEFINITION:  Shame is a negative emotion that combines feelings of unworthiness, rejection, embarrassment, and disgrace.  Biblically, shame results from a recognition of one’s guilt because of sin. FACTS ABOUT SHAME: Shame is a result of sin.  Before they […]


SEXUALITY   DEFINITION:  Sexuality is sexual activity, involvement, or interest.  For the believer, sexuality as it was intended is to be is governed by biblical standards. FACTS ABOUT SEXUALITY: The original purpose of sex was for reproduction.  After God created […]


SELF-ESTEEM   DEFINITION:  Self-esteem is confidence in your own merit as a person, the quality of feeling worthy of esteem or respect by yourself and others.  It is how you honestly feel about your abilities and limitations.  Low self-esteem is […]


SALVATION   DEFINITION:  Biblically, salvation means the act of snatching others by force from serious spiritual danger, saving a person from spiritual death, and delivering one from the penalty, peril, and power of sin. FACTS ABOUT SALVATION: Salvation implies that […]


REPENTANCE   DEFINITION:  Repentance is the act of expressing sorrow for something wrong you have done.  Biblically, it is a change that occurs in the mind and heart, permeates the soul and spirit, and results in changes in outward actions […]

Rejection and Abandonment

REJECTION AND ABANDONMENT   DEFINITION:  The original meaning of the word rejection was to throw back.  Rejection occurs when a person or group of people excludes an individual and refuses to acknowledge or accept them.   Abandonment is a similar term, […]


REBELLION   DEFINITION:  Rebellion is opposition towards a person or group in authority and a refusal to obey rules or normal standards of behavior.  Biblically, it is opposition to God’s authority, His Word, and God-ordained authorities. FACTS ABOUT REBELLION: Rebellion […]

Purpose and Goals

PURPOSE AND GOALS DEFINITION:  A sense of purpose is having a resolve and plan to accomplish a goal or objective.  For a believer, purposes and goals are actually “faith statements” of what they believe God wants them to accomplish through […]


PROMISCUITY   (Adultery, Fornication, Premarital Sex, Prostitution) DEFINITION:  Promiscuity is defined as having multiple sexual partners.  Another biblical name for it is fornication.  Prostitution–performing sexual favors for financial gain or using someone else to do this–is included in this definition, […]