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Trinity of God

TRINITY OF GOD   DEFINITION:  The Bible reveals that God is one, with three distinct natures, each with different functions.  This concept is known as the Trinity of God–meaning three distinct persons, yet a single being who is one. FACTS […]

Trials, Troubles, and Adversities

TRIALS, TROUBLES, ADVERSITIES   DEFINITION:  A trial is an examination by testing. Biblically, it is a test of faith in which you experience trouble or adversity.  Trouble is sometimes referred to as “tribulation” in the Bible.  Adversity is similar to […]

Tithes and Offerings

 TITHES AND OFFERINGS   DEFINITION:  The biblical definition of tithing is setting aside for the work of the Lord a tenth of all one earns or receives.  Offerings are special gifts above the tithe that are given to the work […]


TIME   DEFINITION:  Time is a limited period during which actions, processes, or conditions exist or take place.  It is a measure of the duration of events and the intervals between them.  Time encompasses the past, present, and future–and for […]


TEMPTATION   DEFINITION:  Biblically, temptation is a physical and/or mental desire to sin–a deep craving for something that is contrary to the Word of God. FACTS ABOUT TEMPTATION: God does not tempt you.  You are tempted when you are drawn […]


SUICIDE   (Note:  If you are ministering in a telephone counseling center and someone calls who is threatening suicide, a life depends on your actions.  First, get their name and location.   Keep them on the line while another person dials […]


SUFFERING (Adversities, Disasters and Tragedies)   DEFINITION:  Suffering is pain that is experienced physically, mentally, or emotionally.  It is distress that results from physical affliction, psychological and emotional troubles, loss, adversities, and tragedies. FACTS ABOUT SUFFERING: Suffering entered the world […]


SUBMISSION   DEFINITION:   Submission is a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody and the act of doing so.  Biblical submission is expressed in both attitude and conduct and occurs under leadership that is set in order by God. FACTS […]


STRESS   DEFINITION:  Stress is a physical, mental, or emotional response that causes physical, mental, or emotional tension. FACTS ABOUT STRESS: Stress can be internal, resulting from an illness, a medical procedure, and negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and worry.  […]

Spiritual Warfare

SPIRITUAL WARFARE   DEFINITION:    Spiritual warfare refers to the battles waged by believers against our spiritual enemies–Satan, demons, and the spiritual forces of evil. FACTS ABOUT SPIRITUAL WARFARE: There are two spiritual kingdoms. The Kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom […]