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CONFESSION   DEFINITION:  Confession is acknowledging your transgressions to God and agreeing with what He says about your sin.  Biblically, it is also verbally and mentally agreeing with the promises of God’s Word. FACTS ABOUT CONFESSION: Confession is necessary in […]


COMPULSIVENESS   DEFINITION:  Compulsiveness is the irresistible impulse to do irrational, repetitive, sinful, or unnecessary actions. FACTS ABOUT COMPULSIVENESS: Examples of compulsiveness include compulsive gambling, addictions, sex, eating, talking, hording, drinking and working.  These are examples of uncontrolled works of […]


COMMUNICATION   DEFINITION:  Communication is the act of giving or exchanging information through speech, writing, various forms of media and the arts, or through a common system of signs or behavior. FACTS ABOUT COMMUNICATION: The most important communication is that […]

Church Membership

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP   DEFINITION:  The New Testament defines the Church as the physical manifestation of Christ, also called His Body and the Bride of Christ.  The word actually means “the called out ones” or “dedicated to the Lord.”  The church […]

Chastening and Discipline

CHASTENING AND DISCIPLINE   DEFINITION:  Chastening  means to discipline in order to correct errors or faults. FACTS ABOUT CHASTENING AND DISCIPLINE: Reasons for chastening and discipline.  It is the nature of sin to rebel against authority.  This is what caused […]


BLASPHEMY   DEFINITION:  Blasphemy is disrespect shown towards God, His Word, or something that is deemed holy. FACTS ABOUT BLASPHEMY: Blasphemy can occur in various ways.  You can blaspheme not only by what you say, but also by your conduct.  […]


BITTERNESS   DEFINITION:  Bitterness is characterized by an unforgiving spirit and accompanying negative and critical attitudes.  It begins when you harbor offences by others, allow disappointments to germinate in your heart, and permit resentment to grow. FACTS ABOUT BITTERNESS: Bitterness […]


BAPTISMS   DEFINITION:  The word “baptize” used in the Bible means to entirely immerse or submerge. FACTS ABOUT BAPTISMS: The New Testament mentions four different baptisms. These are Christ’s baptism of suffering; the baptism of John; Christian baptism; and baptism […]


BACKSLIDING   DEFINITION:  Backsliding is when a believer deliberately goes back into sin, turns away from God, or becomes rebellious to the will of God.  Backsliding starts in the heart and then is expressed through outward actions. FACTS ABOUT BACKSLIDING: […]


AUTHORITY DEFINITION:  An are your boss in the workplace, your spiritual leader, the government of your nation, and law enforcement officials.authority is someone who is set over you in a structured environment for specific purposes.  Examples are your boss in […]