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DISAGREEMENTS   DEFINITION:  To disagree is to have a difference of opinions.  A disagreement is a failure to agree about something.  Unresolved disagreements can lead to arguments, misunderstanding, and disputes.  If resolved biblically, they do not need to do so. […]


DEPRESSION (Disappointment And Discouragement)   DEFINITIONS:  Depression is an emotional condition characterized by feelings of continued hopelessness, inadequacy, gloom, dejection, sadness, and difficulty in thinking, concentration, and action.  Depression also causes loss of interest, hopelessness, and, in some cases, thoughts […]

Denying the Lord

DENYING THE LORD   DEFINITION:  To deny someone or something is to be ashamed of them, fail to acknowledge them, or claim they do not exist.  Biblically, denying the Lord is a failure to acknowledge Him and the truth of […]

Demons and Deliverance

DEMONS AND DELIVERANCE   DEFINITION:   Demons are fallen angels who joined Satan’s rebellion against God and were cast out of heaven (Revelation 12:7-9).  They were originally angels of God but are now evil spirits operating under Satan’s control.   They are […]

Deception and Dishonesty

DECEPTION AND DISHONESTY   DEFINITION:  Deception and dishonesty refer to misleading someone and deliberately making them believe things that are not true.  Bearing false witness against someone, cheating, and lying are synonyms. FACTS ABOUT DECEPTION AND DISHONESTY: Examples of deception […]


DEATH   DEFINITION:  Death is the end of life on earth.  For the believer, death is the beginning of life in eternity with God.  For the unbeliever, death is the end of life in this world and the start of […]


CURSES   DEFINITION:   Curses are powerful forces that operate in the spiritual realm.   A curse–also sometimes referred to as a jinx, hex, or execration–is any expressed wish that some sort of adversity or misfortune will befall a person.  It can […]

Cults and False Doctrines

CULTS AND FALSE DOCTRINES   DEFINITION:  A cult is any group whose beliefs differ from the basic tenets of God’s Word and whose members do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God.  False doctrine is any teaching or […]

Criticism and a Critical Spirit

CRITICISM AND A CRITICAL SPIRIT   DEFINITION:  Being critical is to make and express assumptions about the moral and personal conduct of others.  Having a critical spirit is to be guilty of this continuously, always criticizing and putting others down. […]


CONFUSION   DEFINITION: Confusion is a lack of clarity or a misunderstanding of  the truth or facts in a given situation.  It is disruption in regards to time, place, people, or tasks to be accomplished. FACTS ABOUT CONFUSION: God is […]