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DEFINITION: Values are principles or standards that affect one’s conduct and character. For the Christian, these values should be based upon God’s Word. The most important Christian value for a believer is to value God and His Word more than […]

Terms of Use

This database is provided free of charge via the Internet.  You may download it to your computer and make copies of it to distribute free of charge to others via email or a flash drive.   The database is in […]


WORLDINESS    DEFINITION:  Biblically, worldliness is defined as being devoted to or engrossed in things of the world that are opposed to spiritual concerns.  It is also referred to in the Bible as carnality or being a carnal Christian. FACTS […]


WISDOM    DEFINITION:  Godly wisdom is the ability to understand what others cannot understand.  It is knowledge of what is right, proper, and reasonable according to God’s Word.  It is using good sense and judgment.  Lack of Godly wisdom results […]


WEAKNESS   DEFINITION:  Weakness is a condition of being fatigued, tired, and inadequate physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally to the extent that you cannot function effectively. FACTS ABOUT WEAKNESS: There are two main types of weakness.  One is weakness (as […]


 VENGEANCE   (Retribution And Revenge) DEFINITION:  Vengeance–retribution or revenge–is the infliction of injury, harm, humiliation or punishment in return for an injury or offence. FACTS ABOUT VENGEANCE: God forbids revenge.  “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one […]

Unpardonable Sin

UNPARDONABLE SIN   DEFINITION:  The phrase “unpardonable sin” is not actually used in the Bible, but the term is based on Matthew 12:30-31 where Jesus mentions a sin that cannot be forgiven, a transgression that is deemed “unpardonable.” FACTS ABOUT […]


UNFAITHFULNESS   DEFINITION:  Unfaithfulness means to be untrue to a duty, obligation, or promise.  It means being untrustworthy or acting as a traitor.  The Bible speaks of several types of unfaithfulness:  Unfaithfulness to God and His work, to friends and […]


UNBELIEF   DEFINITION:  The biblical meaning of unbelief is refusing to believe in God and His Word. Unbelief is a lack of faith. FACTS ABOUT UNBELIEF: The Bible says you are a fool if you do not believe in God.  […]

Trust Issues

TRUST ISSUES    DEFINITION:  Trust is believing  in the integrity of someone, that they are who they say they are and will do what they said they will do.  It is believing with confident expectation.  Biblically, trust is a firm […]